Top 10 Health Benefits of Ampalaya 

  1. A Tool for Detox

In the aim of eliminating the free radicals that we have to face and unfortunately, take in almost every day, we have to have some help.

Thanks to ampalaya which could be incorporated easily both in meals and in drinks, achieving the antioxidants needed is not anything arduous to do so. Vitamin C also has a role to play in this fucnction as it is known to have the ability to attach itself on free radicals. 

Furthermore, when our system is detoxified, multitude of other benefits is expected to follow. This list includes treatment for various skin problems and even disorders that are blood-related. 


  1. Helps in Weight Loss

Because of the contained lectin of ampalaya, this fruit is a good aid in your goal of losing weight. Lectin as it is in significant levels in the said fruits, is known as capable for suppressing one’s appetite or making someone feel already “full”. 

In addition to that, it also contains low calories and has high water content. Alongside, its fat and carbs levels are also things to note for this benefit due to their also, considerably low levels in this fruit. 

Incorporating ampalaya in your planned regular diet together with your regular exercise could, in no time, lead you to the desire or body goals that you aspire. 

With the right choice and discipline, everything is possible!


Hence, we’re hoping you’ll be making the right kind of choices from now on. Choose what’s best for you. Choose you. Eat ampalaya!


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