Top 10 Healthy Filipino Food Recipes

We all know that Filipino cuisine offers a whole lot of delicious and versatile dishes that everyone absolutely loves, right? Some of the all-time favorite Filipino dishes are even recognized by high-profile chefs and international institutions! Well, that’s simple thanks to the creativity and resourcefulness of Filipinos. Famous Filipino dishes such as Adobo, Sinigang, Bulalo, Sisig, and many more are making rounds online and are being discovered by international content creators. But if you’re into healthy living and would like to maintain a strict diet, then don’t worry! There are still a plethora of healthy Filipino recipes out there that you will surely love. So, are you ready? Here are the Top 10 Healthy Filipino Food Recipes! 

1. Utan Bisaya 

The first one on the list is Utan Bisaya. If we’re going to translate the name of this simple yet amazing healthy dish, it would be “Vegetables, Visayan Style”. This recipe mainly consists of vegetables such as eggplant, okra, ginger, tomato, green onions, alugbati, squash, malunggay, bell pepper, string beans, patola, and a slice of fried or baked fish fillet. See? That’s a whole lot of healthy vitamins and nutrients in one go! The best part is that the only seasoning we’ll be using for Utan Bisaya is salt. That’s why you can really taste the natural flavor of the genius combination of vegetables! 

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