Top 10 Healthy Filipino Food Recipes

5. Pinakbet

Well, if you’re thinking about the healthiest Filipino dishes out there, there’s a high chance that Pinakbet immediately comes to mind. Almost every Filipino household regularly cooks Pinakbet for their everyday meals because it’s a very delicious dish that’s relatively easy to prepare. Pinakbet usually consists of squash, string beans, okra, ampalaya, tomato, eggplant, and a delicious topping of fried pork belly or liempo. The main ingredients are sautèd in garlic, onion, and the special ingredient, shrimp paste or bagoong! I assure you, Pinakbet is one of the most delicious and flavor-packed Filipino dishes on this list, so make sure not to miss it! 

6. Lumpiang Ubod 

Another healthy Filipino dish is the one and only Lumpiang Ubod. Unlike everything on the list so far, this can be treated as a merienda or a main course for some. It’s also popularly known as Lumpiang Sariwa and is usually made of a set of vegetables like carrots, cabbage, green beans, sweet potatoes, and of course, Ubod or the heart of palm. These fillings are then rolled altogether using a fresh spring roll wrapper. Oh, and here’s the best part, the sauce! Lumpiang Ubod is often highlighted by its special peanut sauce that perfectly complements all the ingredients. Enjoy! 

7. Tortang Talong  

Ah, and there it is! Probably one of the most famous go-to dishes of Filipinos is Tortang Talong also known as Eggplant Omelette. Obviously, the main ingredient of this dish is eggplant, which is a healthy vegetable full of vitamins and nutrients. To cook Tortang Talong, you simply have to sautè onion and garlic, the eggplant, and then add the egg. That’s it! It’s best paired with fried garlic rice and some ketchup on the side. It’s popularly served as a breakfast dish by Filipinos as well. 



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