Top 10 Healthy Filipino Food Recipes

8.Ampalaya Con Carne  

Ah, Ampalaya is probably one of the most unpopular vegetables by Filipos simply because of its naturally bitter taste. A lot of people, especially kids, grew to hate it. But wait! One way to make people eat ampalaya is by cooking Ampalaya Con Carne. This dish amazingly makes people love ampalaya, trust me! This simple and delicious recipe consists of ampalaya and strips of beef sautèd in the flavorful combination of onion, garlic, and some seasonings such as oyster sauce, sesame oil, and soy sauce. It’s really jam-packed with flavors, vitamins, and nutrients! 

9. Gising-Gising 

Ah, this is yet again a treat for all our spicy lovers out there! Gising-Gising is a spicy and flavorful dish usually made of sigarilyas that’s perfectly cooked on a flavorful mix of coconut milk, garlic, onion, ginger, and bagoong alamang. The twist? Tons of green chili and red chili peppers are also added to boost the flavor and spice of the dish! It’s exactly the reason why it was named Gising-Gising because the direct translation of the name is “Wake up-Wake up”. Witty, right? Well, the ultimate spiciness of this dish will certainly wake your sleepy soul in an instant! 

10. Ginisang Munggo 

Finally, the ultimate and traditional “Friday Ulam” of Filipinos is Ginisang Munggo. This simple and delicious recipe consists of Mung Beans, malunggay, tomatoes, garlic, onion, and slices of pork meat and pork cracklings. These are simply sautèd altogether to make a flavorful and healthy dish that every Filipino loves. The reason why it’s called a “Friday Ulam” is that you can easily add any leftover fish or pork dish into the mix and it’ll still turn out great. The best part? It’s very affordable and easy to prepare as well! 


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