Top 10 Mouthwatering Visayan Foods and Delicacies

Visayas is popular with its chocolate hills and Masskara festival. You will find Chocolate Hills in this region one of the most visited places in Bohol. There is also the rich cultural heritage of the Dumaguete that you will appreciate once your visit the land. Visayan foods are loved by people because of their vibrant and flavorful tastes. You will not just love the main dishes from the region, but also appetizers to dessert dishes.

In this article, you will find the delicious dishes coming from Visayas region. You can even try it yourself in your home. Each dish has their own uniqueness. You will be surprised on how it lingers on your taste bud.

You might have tasted the typical adobo. Well, this Humba is the adobo version of Visayas region. Humba is one of my favorite dishes. This Visayan cuisine has the best taste with the combination of steamed rice.

  • Chicken Molo Soup

This is the perfect dish every rainy season. Dumpling dish is popular with Visayan people, but there is more. What if the dumpling turns into the soup? Then, that is what they call chicken molo soup. The ingredients for the dish are ground pork, minced chicken, and chopped prawn. These ingredients ae cooked with chicken broth that makes the dish much tastier. Pancit Molo started in Molo, Iloilo City, that is why the dish named after the place. The irony about Pancit molo is that it doesn’t have any noodles in it, but a dumpling instead.

Do you prefer raw foods? Well, kinilaw is one of the Visayan favorite dishes, and you will surely love it, too. Visayas is surrounded by water and rich land, that is why you could find lots of seafoods and other sea products. This is the reason why they came up with variety cuisines. Kinilaw is one of their main dishes served in different food stalls or “carenderia.” To cook this recipe, you need vinegar, chilies, lime, garlic, spring onion, onion, and ginger.

  • Piaya

Piaya literally means “pressed party” in traditional Chinese. To make this delicacy, you need to make unleavened bread and put a filling of muscovado. You can see this food in pasalubong centers most of the time. This desert originated in Negros Occidental. It is popular not just in this region, but also in other part of Visayas. As time passed by, they decided to make variations of this delicacy. The alternatives for muscovado are ube and mango. There is also the piayito if you like the tiny, thin, and crispy version of Piaya.  

  • Chicken Inasal

You can find various Inasal stores in different regions, but there is something different in Visayan chicken inasal. This is the chicken inasal in Bacolod-style. They use astuete or oil and annatto seed to give flavoring to the chicken. Make sure that you have extra rice. Eat it with bare hands to relish the original taste of Bacolod Inasal.

  • Pocherong Bisaya

During rainy season, you are surely looking for your comfort food. Pocherong Bisaya is the best dish you can try every cold and rainy season. This Visayan pochero is seasoned with light lemongrass broth.

  • Binakol

If you know Tinola soup dish, this dish will probably look familiar, but with just slight difference. Binakol has coconut milk in it, which adds tasty flavor to the dish. Native chicken is also used in Binakol. Native chicken is much more delicious than the common poultry, though its meat is much tougher, so they have to boil it in several hours to make it tender.

  • Dried Mangoes

Every Filipino loves mangoes. Good news is that you can also buy it in the market in different style. It is dried, and you will surely love it once you have a taste of it. This delicacy is chewy and sweet. Foreigners and even locals buy this food as their “pasalubong”.

  • Otap

Here is another favorite snack of Filipinos. They usually serve this delicacy during meryenda or some visitor comes in their home. To make this delicacy, you need coconut milk, shortening, sugar, and flour. Two things you will love with this snack is that it is flaky and crunchy. I promise, you will ask for more.  

  • La Paz Batchoy

This soup dish originated from La Paz Iloilo. It is one of their bestsellers especially during cold and rainy seasons. To make this delicious soup, you need miki noodles, pig’s guts, and sliced pork. There is another variation of La Paz Batchoy which you can find in Iloilo – which is called buko batchoy.

Are you planning to Visayas for your next trip? Do not forget to try their bestseller and authentic dishes. Happy travel and food tripping everyone, and I hope you got an idea on what to buy in your tour.

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