Top 10 Seafoods Recipes

Top 10 Seafoods Recipes

From the simplest to the most stylish, mouth-watering seafood dishes are undeniably delightful treats from the sea. Such recipes will surely bring colour and awaken taste buds may it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Philippines, as an archipelago, is endowed with rich seas and blessed with surprisingly good-tasting creatures. Hence, it is easy for us, Filipinos, to enjoy these heavenly goodness from the vast bodies of water? Want to try some of the best seafood dishes? Find them here!

Assorted Seafood in Coconut Cream Recipe

Assorted-Seafood-In-Coconut-Cream-Recipe-300x225Three-in-one! Not a coffee, but a savoury dish. Not just one, but three seafood ingredients in one rich and creamy plate. This assorted seafood dish in coconut cream will not fail to satisfy your cravings. Try this and taste such a healthy treat.

Check out the recipe here

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