Top 10 Seafoods Recipes

Pinais Recipe

Pinais-Recipe1-300x161How many city kids still know this kind of dish? This one is my favourite when I was a child. Those banana leaves enhances the shrimp flavour. However, not only shrimps could be prepared this way. Small fishes could also be wrapped and cooked in banana leaves until the fishes softened that you could actually eat even the fish bones. In this recipe, we use shrimps, which are equally heavenly. Enjoy!

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Tom Yum Soup Recipe

Tom-Yum-Soup-Recipe-300x220Yahoo! Something to take with a loud slurp! Shrimps in tasty soup. This clear, spicy, and sour Asian soup recipe will bring you no guilt, unlike that of bulalo, because of its herb contents that makes it especially healthy and extra fragrant. Ready for a punch? Tom Yum!

Check out the recipe here

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