Top 12 Famous Filipino Food Bloggers

In this day and age where social media and the internet is the most powerful advertisement platform in the world, more and more people are being inspired by amazing content creators and bloggers from different parts of the planet. Just here in the Philippines, almost everybody is on their phones scrolling through different social media platforms 24/7! This is also the reason why there has been a great rise in Filipino content creators in almost any genre we can imagine. Well, I’m sure that we’d all agree to say that one of the most influential genres of content out there is no other than food, right? Everybody loves food! No matter who you are, what you do, and where you are, you will always crave delicious food. Absolutely! 


That’s why in today’s article, we’re going to talk about the Top 12 Famous Filipino Food Bloggers out there who are always bringing the latest news about food and culture in our country through our phones. So, are you ready? I’m 100% sure that this is gonna be entertaining! 

1. Erwan Heusaff | The Fat Kid Inside

First on the list and probably the most famous one here is no other than Erwan Heusaff aka The Fat Kid Inside. Erwan is easily a showbiz reality because he’s the husband of Anne Curtis and the brother of Solenn Heusaff. He specializes in cooking and discovering some of the most interesting cuisines out there and what makes his content special is that he goes the extra mile of going on long journeys just to have a taste of good food. I have gotta say, his contents are really engaging! 

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