Top 12 Famous Filipino Food Bloggers

2. Geoffrey Ledesma | Geoffreview

Ah, someone we can all easily relate to in this article is Geoffrey Ledesma aka Geoffreview. He has no known background or expertise regarding food per se, but like most of us, he really, really, really loves food. Geoffrey specializes in bringing to us all the latest things about local food culture and adventure. He also makes exciting recipes that you can easily do at home! 

3. May de Guzman | What to Eat PH

Up next, one of the fastest-growing food site media companies in the country is no other than What to Eat PH founded by May de Guzman. They specialize in traveling around the world while hunting for good memories and great food. Oh, and they also have some fun recipes posted on their website which you can easily do at home. And if you’re searching for the best hotels and resorts for your next travel adventure, What to Eat PH also has wonderful recommendations! 

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