Top 12 Famous Filipino Food Bloggers

8. Lalaine Manalo | Kawaling Pinoy

If you’re usually on the internet and are searching for Filipino recipe ideas, you may have already stumbled upon Kawaling Pinoy. The blog contains a vast amount of Filipino and Asian recipes with easy-to-follow guides and photos for your next food trip. Kawaling Pinoy was founded by Lalaine Manalo who currently resides in the US and absolutely makes tons of delicious food! 

9. Peachy Adarne | The Peach Kitchen 

The Peach Kitchen also stands among the rest as one of the most influential Filipino food blogs in our society. Peachy Adarne specializes in creating delicious Filipino dishes at home and posts easy-to-follow recipes online! Her blog also features different lifestyle content about anything and everything under the sun. From newly-opened local restaurants, and cafè, to the latest food hacks, The Peach Kitchen is here for you! 

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