Top 12 Famous Filipino Food Bloggers

In this day and age where social media and the internet is the most powerful advertisement platform in the world, more and more people are being inspired by amazing content creators and bloggers from different parts of the planet. Just here in the Philippines, almost everybody is on their phones scrolling through different social media platforms 24/7! This is also the reason why there has been a great rise in Filipino content creators in almost any genre we can imagine. Well, I’m sure that we’d all agree to say that one of the most influential genres of content out there is no other than food, right? Everybody loves food! No matter who you are, what you do, and where you are, you will always crave delicious food. Absolutely! 


That’s why in today’s article, we’re going to talk about the Top 12 Famous Filipino Food Bloggers out there who are always bringing the latest news about food and culture in our country through our phones. So, are you ready? I’m 100% sure that this is gonna be entertaining! 

1. Erwan Heusaff | The Fat Kid Inside

First on the list and probably the most famous one here is no other than Erwan Heusaff aka The Fat Kid Inside. Erwan is easily a showbiz reality because he’s the husband of Anne Curtis and the brother of Solenn Heusaff. He specializes in cooking and discovering some of the most interesting cuisines out there and what makes his content special is that he goes the extra mile of going on long journeys just to have a taste of good food. I have gotta say, his contents are really engaging! 

2. Geoffrey Ledesma | Geoffreview

Ah, someone we can all easily relate to in this article is Geoffrey Ledesma aka Geoffreview. He has no known background or expertise regarding food per se, but like most of us, he really, really, really loves food. Geoffrey specializes in bringing to us all the latest things about local food culture and adventure. He also makes exciting recipes that you can easily do at home! 

3. May de Guzman | What to Eat PH

Up next, one of the fastest-growing food site media companies in the country is no other than What to Eat PH founded by May de Guzman. They specialize in traveling around the world while hunting for good memories and great food. Oh, and they also have some fun recipes posted on their website which you can easily do at home. And if you’re searching for the best hotels and resorts for your next travel adventure, What to Eat PH also has wonderful recommendations! 

4. Renz Cheng | A Not So Popular Kid

Another popular food blog you should follow is Renz Cheng’s A Not So Popular Kid which features the blogger’s fun stories and adventures while hunting for good food. Get ready to discover the newest restaurants and food places from all around the country offering delicious food! Renz has been creating food content since 2009 so expect to see some professional insights in his blog posts and videos. 

5. Kat Catapusan | The Hungry Kat

One of the most inspiring food bloggers out there is the one and only Kat Catapusan of The Hungry Kat. Kat aspires to draw more inspiration in cherishing the value of life because she became a Lupus survivor at such a young age. So expect to enjoy some healthy food guides and anything about healthy living in her blogs! 

6. Jeng Del Rosario | Food in the Bag

Food in the Bag is another blog worth following because of the jolliness and creativity of Jeng Del Rosario. His blog posts consist of fun food guides, DIY recipes, and other lifestyle content. He also likes to travel around the world and feature amazing hotels and resorts! 


Well, there’s a high chance that you’ve already heard about, right? It’s one of the most popular food websites in our country featuring easy-to-do Filipino recipes at home. They also have a variety of cooking lessons on their website which you can access here. And not only that but also has many features of food stores and restaurants on their website where you can score some coupons and vouchers! 

8. Lalaine Manalo | Kawaling Pinoy

If you’re usually on the internet and are searching for Filipino recipe ideas, you may have already stumbled upon Kawaling Pinoy. The blog contains a vast amount of Filipino and Asian recipes with easy-to-follow guides and photos for your next food trip. Kawaling Pinoy was founded by Lalaine Manalo who currently resides in the US and absolutely makes tons of delicious food! 

9. Peachy Adarne | The Peach Kitchen 

The Peach Kitchen also stands among the rest as one of the most influential Filipino food blogs in our society. Peachy Adarne specializes in creating delicious Filipino dishes at home and posts easy-to-follow recipes online! Her blog also features different lifestyle content about anything and everything under the sun. From newly-opened local restaurants, and cafè, to the latest food hacks, The Peach Kitchen is here for you! 

10. Richie Zamora | The Pickiest Eater 

Next up, Richie Zamora of The Pickiest Eater is also one of the OGs in food blogging in the country. His blog’s journey only started thanks to his wife’s love for taking pictures of him during their food trips. Richie features the latest updates in the food scene here in the Philippines such as newly-opened restaurants, updated menus of all-time favorites, must-follow food events, and more! 

11. Filipino Style Recipe

Filipino Style Recipe is also one of the go-to food websites for everyone looking for delicious and easy-to-cook Filipino recipes. So in terms of Filipino food guides, this should definitely be one of your top choices. Almost everything you can ever crave is featured here in Filipino Style Recipe whether it’s a chicken, beef, pork, or seafood dish. Oh, and there are also food articles featuring the latest interesting products and food choices in the market. 

12. Vanjo Merano | Panlasang Pinoy

Ah, finally. Probably the most famous and popular on this list and in the entire food scene in the country is none other than Vanjo Merano of Panlasang Pinoy. If you ever search for any Filipino food recipes on Google, Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms, it’s highly likely that you’ll stumble upon Panlasang Pinoy Recipes. Hundreds of Filipino food guides are cataloged on his website and a step-by-step video of him cooking the food! No wonder why he’s the top choice and leading promoter of Filipino cuisine in the world. 


So, there you have it! The Top 12 Famous Filipino Food Bloggers in our country. It’s always nice to feature the interesting food and travel locations of the Philippines, right? Well, if you want more, then follow this blog for more content!


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