In every year that arrives, so do the additional percentage on the rate of the people that are dying because of cancer, not only in our country but as well as, worldwide. It is an unfortunate fact that despite our held knowledge regarding how detrimental this disease is, innumerable individuals still find themselves being a part of the inflating statistics.

Truly bothersome isn’t it? But definitely, must not dictate anyone’s doom. Not even you or someone you know who’s already in a fight against cancer.

With the said, in order to aid not only with reducing the weight of burden cancer is basically attached with but also, most importantly, provide you the path towards winning over such unwanted health struggle, we will provide you here the initial framework upon building up a positive health practice containing specifically the list of what should serve as a regular addition on your food intake; the anti-cancer foods!

  1. Garlic

Beyond the culinary-related wonders of garlic, there are a lot of more beneficial roles that this vegetable takes part of. One of which that is most important is on how this one serves as your soldier versus persistent cancer cells fueled by its ability to both “attack” and “repress”. Attack by directly beating off the cancer cells with the use of garlic’s active agents such as sulfur-based active agents, selenium, and tryptophan and repress by restraining the blood flow towards the zone of the tumor to avoid further growth through its active ingredient called as allicin.

Regarding the medically-approved instruction on the intake of this veggie, with two to three cloves of fresh garlic, every day is what’s recommended for an individual who’s battling against cancer.

  1. Tomatoes

When we hear about tomatoes, the first word that will probably light up in our mind is “lycopene”. From every tomato-products advertisement up to the packaging, this word usually takes nothing but the front seat. Coincidentally, when talking about tomato’s ability to fight off cancer, lycopene having the functionality of being your DNA shield against various carcinogenic substances and an antioxidant to shoo off free radicals which then could definitely just worsen the case.  This L-agent also helps in the deduction of harmful fat levels in the bloodstream and is treated as a strong antioxidant.

  1. Cabbage

Together with broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and all the other, that’s classified as cruciferous vegetables are considered as fiber-rich which helps eliminate toxins through its contained galactose which is known as a beneficial gut bacteria. Most importantly, the agent usually found in the vegetables of the same kind which then is indole (indole-3-carbinol specifically) is known capable of fighting off different cancer cells under breast, prostate, brain and colorectal cancers.

  1. Nuts

Nuts containing selenium which is defined as a powerful anti-cancer agent as stated on the previous vegetables included above is the very reason why nuts itself is within the list of your anti-cancer foods. 6-8 nuts per day are estimated to serve you just as intended. Aligned with that, nuts, as we know, possess good oils and high amount of natural fiber which then is a good deal if you’re opting for not only a healthy but utmost important, a longer life.

  1. Green Leafy Vegetables (All of them!)

In order to give you some backup sets of folic acid to aid with your more effective DNA replications and actually shield it from any possible further harm during radiotherapies, the team of green leafy vegetables is here for you!

In addition to that, underneath the obvious fact that vegetables usually has it all, these green gifts of land also contains a significant amount of biotin, choline and B vitamins that are known to give cancer some good fight.

Another good thing affixed with these renowned type of vegetables is that it has sulforaphane which then possesses some potent cancer correcting benefits and furthermore, have shown to help in the survival from colorectal cancer.

Remember that at the end, battling with cancer isn’t won because of having all of these in your regular food intake. Instead, it is only when this selected list of food is combined with active daily living and proper diet, then can your most awaited health miracle will find its way towards you. To practice discipline in all of your health aspects- be mindful of that.


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