Top 5 Favorite Foods of President Duterte


For how many months now, the attention of our whole country is focused on the presidential candidates who are attempting to run for the Office of the President after the May 2022 elections. The headlines of the news have always been the names of the most notable presidential candidates and their latest campaign activities like debates, rallies, and motorcades. Well, the upcoming elections are indeed a very important one for our country because the future president holds the power to turn the tides and help our country rise from the devastating effects of the pandemic. 

But now that a new leader is being prepared to guide our country, it just means that we have to bid farewell to the current father of our nation, the one, and only President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. He has been an extremely brave, competent, and passionate leader for our country. And despite the several controversies thrown at him, we can’t deny that he indeed made our country progress during his time, especially in the sectors of infrastructure, transportation, and military. 

But hey, enough of the serious matters! Let’s just stay calm and get to know more interesting things about the 16th President of the Philippines. So as a tribute to our outgoing and amazing president, Panlasang Pinoy Recipes listed The Top 5 Favorite Foods of President Duterte! Are you ready? This will definitely spark your curiosity!

Carabeef Tapa | Sana’s Restaurant 

Number one on the list and probably the most popular favorite food of President Duterte is the Carabeef Tapa, this one’s an absolute best-seller in Davao and lots of stories have been told that this is the favorite dish of the president. There’s actually a particular restaurant in Davao where “Tatay Digong” would eat his favorite Carabeef Tapa here since he was still a fiscal lawyer and it’s called Sana’s Restaurant. 

When you visit this restaurant, you would see that the walls are filled with photos of the Duterte family and other famous personalities. Oh, and if you’re curious about the taste of Carabeef Tapa, it tastes a lot like the ordinary Beef Tapa but the taste is a bit stronger and concentrated. 

Hinalang (Spicy Carabeef Soup or Balbacua)

Ah, the next one on the list is actually President Duterte’s preferred side dish for the Carabeef Tapa and it’s called Hinalang or Spicy Carabeef Soup. This spicy soup perfectly balances the strong flavor of the tapa and most importantly, it’s also a nice appetizer! The Hinalang is better known as a specialty of Mindanao that uses strong spices like chili and patis (fish oil). 

Monggo with Pata 

Ah, who doesn’t love Monggo, right? This classic Filipino dish has long been the favorite of many people throughout their lives and it’s also particularly healthy! Well, that’s why it’s no surprise why President Duterte loves this dish so much, especially the one he regularly eats at Thrunks Place, a neighborhood carinderia or eatery in Davao. The Monggo dish served here is no ordinary recipe because it uses Pata as its meat! 

Yup, President Duterte loves Monggo with Pata and I’m sure you would too once you’ve got the chance to have a taste. 


Ah, and there it is. Another classic Filipino favorite is Pinakbet. It is actually a Filipino recipe that mainly uses a set of vegetables like squash, eggplant, ampalaya, green beans, and okra then sautèd in garlic, onion, and shrimp paste. The natural bitter and sweet flavors of the vegetables perfectly mix with the savory goodness of the shrimp paste or alamang. So, serve it with freshly-cooked white rice and I’m sure it’ll also become your favorite like Tatay Digong! 


In almost every region of the Philippines, there will always be a version of Pancit that will make you come back over and over again. And this is also the reason why President Duterte chose pancit as one of his favorite dishes. Whether it’s for breakfast, dinner, or lunch, pancit can always satisfy your cravings and fill up your belly! 


See? Our president, just like everyone else, is an ordinary person when it comes to his food choices. And coming from his humble roots, President Duterte’s favorite foods are very relatable for many Filipinos. Because like him, we too love our delicious Filipino cuisine and nothing can ever compare to the taste of homemade Filipino dishes. 


Are you curious about how to cook President Duterte’s favorite dishes? Well, you already know where to go! Just visit Panlasang Pinoy Recipes and you can find tons of classic Filipino recipes for you to try! 



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