Top 7 Benefits Of Calamansi (And Why You Should Opt For Having A Stock!)

The thing about Calamansi is that the brought goodness that it has exceeds past beyond how it tastes like- in fact, the refreshing sour delight it brings is just the introduction among the list of all the reasons why you should opt for extracting a juice from one! That being said is supported by the fact that the possessed health effects that it has ranged from detoxification up to regulating your cholesterol levels!

Who could imagine a small green fruit could actually contain such whole spectrum of desired goodness? Probably, not even the citrus-enthusiasts.

With that, there is actually no left doubt it is used for various food preparations, even as the main ingredient in different kind of drinks from juice to tea, in fruit preservations, yogurt, sauce, candies, and within your favorite salads, custard pies, which then goes along with other desserts.

On the other hand, to lead you to the further clarification on what this fruit has in store for those whoever wishes to grab anything in the counter which uses this one as the main ingredient here goes one of the most sought health-transforming lists of benefits a fruit could ever have.

  1. An Ulcer-Preventative Juice

Do you know that the regular consumption of calamansi juice can actually result to significantly decreasing the possibility of one actually catching ulcer and all the other acid reflex-relative diseases?

I know, this benefit might come off as intriguing because how something that’s actually acidic could be a help towards solving acidity problems itself? Wouldn’t that just basically turn things into a chaos?

Well… no. That’s not how actually things work. In fact, calamansi juice is used for actually smoothing the stomach. This is through its ability to reduce the inflammation inside your tummy and actually serve as a protective surface against various harmful acids which then are the one really responsible here.

  1. Regulates Body-Cholesterol

We all know the harm brought by bad cholesterol and surely no one would ever want to reach those unwanted yet possible occurrences.

So how calamansi does its work? Affixed with the fact that calamansi contains no cholesterol, it is proven then that calamansi is capable of saving you from various cholesterol-related health issues by effectively lowering your cholesterol level!

  1. Controls Your Blood Sugar

Based on a study, calamansi juice is known to regulate both the insulin and glucose released in your bloodstream- which in simple terms means that it aids you in controlling your sugar level. Which then is not monitored can lead to increasing the risk of diabetes or worsening it of you already have one.

  1. Your Losing Weight Buddy

You’re definitely putting your money on a good stake if you’ll be betting that calamansi extracts belong in one among the top ingredients used in various weight-losing purposed products.

Calamansi being as noteworthy as stated is due to the fact that in addition to its ability to speed up metabolism, it is also capable of removing various toxins within the body. Furthermore, has the capability to improve the burning of fats and calories. With the said factors combined together, achieving weight loss becomes a total possibility.

  1. Catalyzes Immune System’s Efficiency

Calamansi except containing the ever famous micromolecule Vitamin C, also possess different beneficial nutrients dedicated to boosting everyone’s immune system. Calamansi with the use of its antioxidant and antibacterial properties are capable of invigorating white blood cells and even fighting off free radicals.

  1. Boosts Collagen Production

Collagen is vital in the development of every tissues and body fibers. Aligned with that, vitamin C is one among the key players when it comes to collagen production. Calamansi, as already stated- is a potent source of the said vitamin.

  1. Protection Vs. Common Cold

Calamansi, even before the scientific community was capable of proving its contained benefit, had already been long used to treat a common cold.

Fortunately, our ancestors have chosen to do the right thing. That then is because calamansi, with its ever-favorite agent, vitamin C, is effective for fighting off various viral and bacterial infection- one of which then is a common cold.

From all that’s stated above, we’ve proven just as how effective calamansi actually is- yet it must always be noted that anything that’s taken too much will be nothing but a harm. Therefore, be sure you’re taking the right dose based on what your purpose is!


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