Roots, stems, and leaves- the three parts which constitute the vegetative structure of every single plant. Although all of the three stated contains an undeniable ample amount of nutrients every health conscious individual couldn’t resist, leaves can be contested as one which tops them all- especially when talking about talbos ng kamote which is also known as sweet potato leaves.

In a nutshell, sweet potato leaves are nothing else but a plant fused with together with all the nutrients you could ever expect for thin flat green blades to have. In fact, it boasts itself through containing significant amounts of fibers and other micronutrients such as potassium, beta-carotene, lutein, xanthine, vitamins such as B6, C and D iron, and magnesium.

Now, to focus more on the benefits, here is a list of the top reasons why you should consider finding ways to add up sweet potato leaves on your meals!

Prevents Eye Degeneration

Sweet potato leaves are scientifically proven to have high amounts of lutein and xanthophylls which then are a big help when it comes to avoiding age-related macular degeneration (AMD) of the eye. Since the two stated are the only carotenoids present in the eye lens, they both crucial for maintaining a good eyesight and waving off the hassles brought by “the-ever-hated poor vision”.

Protection vs. Heart Disease and Stroke

Lutein, which can be found in sweet potato leaves, is highly effective for significantly diminishing the oxidation and inflammation inside trapped in the artery wall, which is few among the main culprits if coronary heart diseases and even stroke.

Strengthens Body Tissues

Extending its role in preventing eye damage as stated above, xanthophyll also plays a vital role in the health of different body tissues. This finding had resulted from studying cancers. Therefore, improves the ability of our body tissues from different risks such as those concerned with cancer-related cases.

Promotes Healthy Digestive Tract

We all know that fiber is a critical must-have intake in order to keep our digestive tract healthy. Since sweet potato leaves contain ample amount of fiber, these leaves are indeed your best buddy when it comes to protecting yourself from digestive tract-related illnesses such as colon cancer as well as ensuring that all the nutrients absorbed by your body are really “absorbed” and properly distributed towards your different body parts.

Regulates Blood Circulation

Assuring that the flow of blood is as functional as its optimum performance can be and that no disposition of unwanted fats remain in the arteries and veins resulting into an overall regulation of circulation of blood all throughout the body is also played by the fibers that can be found in the sweet potato leaves.

A Natural Painkiller

Since sweet potato leaves contain more than enough amount of beta-carotene that serves as the main soldier of the body against different possibilities of inflammations inside, these leaves then are regarded as to be natural painkillers.

A Versatile Health Ally

Well, why choose versatile health ally to describe the last benefit of sweet potato leaves? It is because due to the antioxidant properties that it has, it basically whips off various possible inflammatory issues such as gout and asthma; also it prevents premature aging.

From being a protector of your health to making sure that the outside you are also taken care of, that’s a sweet potato leaf for you all, ladies and gentlemen.


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