Top 8 Authentic Dishes in Laguna Philippines

Laguna is located at Calabarzon region in Luzon. Do you that Laguna is the birthplace of the Philippine’s national hero, Jose Rizal? In this province, you will see Pagsanjan Falls, hot spring resorts, wood carvings, Sampaguita Festival, and their authentic dishes. It is great to have a glimpse of their culture and history.

Are you thinking on visiting Laguna for your vacation? Every town of Laguna has their own special products visitors and tourists can enjoy. Tasting their authentic dishes is one of the best way to taste their culture. Travel would not be completed unless you taste their authentic dishes and recipes.

Here are their top 10 authentic dishes:

Bibingka is one of the famous products in the Philippines. They have variety of Bibingka version in different regions or provinces. Laguna’s Bibingka is one of the must-try delicacies when you visit their place. In other bibingka recipes, you need rice flour, eggs, coconut milk, then garnished with grated coconut. Salted egg or white cheese are optional.

Laguna’s Bibingka could be found in Pagsanjan. Their Bibingka is different from the typical recipe. It is simple yet delicious. There are no toppings at all, just plain and simple. How do they cook it? Instead of using stove, they use clay pot to cook Bibingka in traditional way. In a clay pot, they put banana leaves. The fire was made by hot coals below.

You can buy this delicacy near the town plaza across Step-Rite in Pagsanjan. I recommend Aling Emma’s store. Buy it early in the morning because most of the time, it is sold out before noon time.

  • Bibingka de Macapuno

This is kind of similar with the traditional bibingka of Laguna, but it has Macapuno as a filling. You will love this Bibingka de Macapuno if you are macapuno lover. Their outlet is located at Brgy. San Juan, Santa Cruz, Laguna.

  • Monay

You can find various Monay in different provinces. Though, Laguna’s Monay is special and different. Special Monay can be found in Bay, Laguna. It has crispy shell, but it is soft inside. You can add cheese or butter to enhance the flavor.

  • Kesong Puti

Are you cheese lover? Then, Laguna’s Kesong Puti would be one of your favorites. This Kesong Puti was originated in Santa Cruz, Laguna. This was made from carabao milk. It is served best with toasted wheat bread or hot pan de sal. Santa Cruz Laguna has Kesong Puti Festival which they hold in March 15-19 at the Municipal Hall grounds ever year. This product is their best seller, so there is shortage of product most of the time.

Here is a sweet treat for you! Espasol is also known as rice pudding. It was made with rice flour, coconut strips, and coconut milk, shaped in cylinders. They use toasted flour, then roll the Espasol into it. Espasol was actually originated in Laguna, Philippines. The town of Alaminos, Los baños, Pagsanjan, and Nagcarlan, Laguna were the places of the most delicious Espasol. You can buy 3 packs for 100 pesos in Liliw, Laguna. There are lots of stalls selling espasol in different towns of Laguna.

  • Buko Pie

Buko Pie can be found in various Provinces, but Laguna’s buko is one of the Filipino’s favorites. This delicacy is well-known in the Los Baños town of Laguna. It was made from young coconuts and pudding. In the streets, there are various stalls selling Special Buko Pie. The local’s favorite brand is the “Letty’s Buko Pie.” The softness of pudding is just perfect, and it is not too bland or too sweet, just balanced. Its coconut is also perfect in one bite. You want something new? They are also offering variety of buko pie like buko ube pie, buko lychee pie, buko pineapple pie, buko pandan pie, and buko durian pie.

  • Mer-Nels Cake

Looking for cake for your celebrations? Laguna has their cake specialty. This is the favorite dessert of the locals every time they have birthday, wedding, anniversary, and other celebrations. There are now two outlets of Mer-Nels in Laguna because it really became famous not just in tourists, but also in locals.

  • Uraro

Uraro is also known as Arrowroot Cookies. This is the same with puto seko, but puto seko is much drier than Uraro. Its shape is flower. The flavor is just balanced because it is not too sweet and not too bland. This delicacy was made with arrowroot flour. It has low gluten content, that is why the product is powdery.

You now have your ideas on what products you can grab and buy as “pasalubong” for your family when you visit Laguna. Taste each of their delicacies to taste Laguna’s cultures. Enjoy and happy traveling everyone!

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