Talking about kalabasa don’t necessarily bring “health benefits” in our mind, instead we could be having Halloween characters and Holywood with kalabasa or pumpkin-character movies first. Well, that’s not because the latter said neither outnumber nor overweigh the affixed health gifts from adding up kalabasa in your next to prepare delicacy but because we know only too little about the advantage it can give to us and into our diet concerns!

To break the barrier between your body and the healthier version it could possibly become, here are some of the benefits that kalabasa has to offer!


1. Your Buddy In Achieving that Ideal Body

Since this plant contains high levels of fiber- that means that your digestion will be slowed down and therefore, would make you feel “full” in a longer period of time. In fact, based on nothing else but scientific facts, half of the regular size kalabasa contains seven grams of fiber which is greater than what anyone could ever get from two slices of whole-grain bread.

At the same time kalabasa is rich in fiber, it possess a very low value of calorie- contradicting to its capability to make you feel full in a longer than it’s supposed to be period of time!

Also, kalabasa is more than four-fifth made of water- could you expect to be get more hydrated than anything else? I’ll bet you’ll be able to name only few.


2. Improves Eyesight

The most famous benefit of kalabasa is its ability to help you retain that sharp vision- and possibly, also improve it! That benefit it because of the enormous amount of beta-carotene in which it has to offer- the nutrient which is further converted to Vitamin A, the ever essential inorganic nutrient for your eye health. In addition to the said purpose, it is also proven to contain lutein and zeaxanthin.

In fact, by a single cup of kalabasa, you’ll already be receiving over twice of most people’s recommended intake of the said vitamin daily!


3. Prevents Cancer

Beta-carotene is your one-call away hero when it comes to optical health but another function that it is admired for is its capability to help you fight the possibility of obtaining degenerative diseases such as prostate and lung cancer.

Also, with the help of Vitamins A and C, your cells are given the sufficient defend against cells which causes free radicals- again, the ever famous culprit of all time.


4. An Add-Up To Your Beauty Kit

Kalabasa is proven to contain nutrients beneficial to improve your skin; which then is because of the following: It contains high levels of carotenoids such as beta-carotene, which as already stated is converted into vitamin A and serves as the natural sunblock for the body.

Carotenoids also, once transported helps in strengthening the cells against damage from degenerative UV light rays.

Also with the help of vitamin C, collagen is significantly produced, which is known for making your skin strong and healthy.

What are you waiting for? To harvest those said benefits all in one time- have a kalabasa as a macro-ingredient for your next dish!


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