One of the main oral problems that majority of the Filipinos experience- especially those who love to eat but don’t love taking proper care of their teeth as much, is nothing else but tooth decay.

It has been said that it is in the lack of information that we tend to indulge in the ‘improper’ habits or series of actions- that’s saying that there is a big possibility that many individuals are struggling with tooth decay, first and foremost, because they do not know the basic knowledge that they should actually be having in relation to it.

So, the questions are- what is it that you already know about tooth decay? Do you have an idea on what “actually” happens to your teeth in the process? How would you know if a tooth of yours is already struggling with the destruction of one? And what are the possible causes of it? On the other hand, what are the things that you can do in order to prevent the different form of hassles that acquiring tooth decay could possibly result in?

If you know only little details in response to the question we’ve asked, worry not. We’ve got you all covered! This article is the one-stop-reading that would already equip you to make sure that those teeth are not only sparkling and white- but as well as, healthy inside out!

Basic Facts: Tooth Decay

Technically, tooth decay is constituted by two main things. (1) It’s about enamel losing its original (and indeed very essential) hardness and at the same time, is about the (2) structure degradation of the tooth due to plaque bacteria produced acids (which are released during the breakdown of sugar in your mouth- hmm, now you should already have an idea regarding why it is a must to drink water after eating sweet foods).

Softening of enamel is particularly characterized with the loss of essential minerals needed by the sustenance of the tooth itself- if the minerals are not supplemented as needed- a cavity (hole in your tooth) is formed. Once this hole has occurred the right treatment is not given, this could, unfortunately, result in further widening of the hole until the whole tooth is destroyed.

For worse cases, it is also possible that the next layer of your tooth could also be affected- and this one is really to be avoided because of the pain that it is accompanied with during eating or drinking. Other than this, there is still a chapter of possible oral problems that could be opened when your tooth would start to decay. That is why it will always remain as a very important thing for you to maintain not only the good appearance of your teeth but as well as, make sure that the overall health of every member of your tooth-team is doing just as good as they are deserving of.

Furthermore, to be really assured if you already have tooth decay, here are signs and symptoms that you should watch out.

Signs and Symptoms of Tooth Decay

The following are mainly identified as ‘cavity symptoms’ which are considered as a very-much-to-be-expected result of tooth decay:

  • ‘Sensitive’ Teeth (mild to sharp pain) when consuming hot and cold food and beverages, as well as, sweets
  • Suddenly and occasionally felt toothache although there’s no eating or drinking occurring
  • Toothache, spontaneous pain or pain that occurs without any apparent cause
  • Holes-in-the-tooth! Visible… and not visible (that’s why if you can, you should have at least a semi-annual visit on your dentist!)
  • Stains in your tooth in the color of brown, black, of white
  • Pain when biting (grinding) foods (or whenever pressure happens in-between the teeth)


Forgetting to Brush Your Teeth Regularly: Whether its due to an “irregular” schedule of doing things, lack of knowledge on the importance of having habitual oral health care, or you’re just simply that ‘lazy’ when it comes to brushing your teeth every morning and night- that is not… and will never be an excuse. That’s most essential because not brushing your teeth is the key to all the further ‘terrifying’ oral problems you could possibly face- one of which is, as we’re talking about- tooth decay.  

Too Many Carbs: Carbohydrates are in almost every food and beverages that we eat or drink- but essentially, are found in high levels within sugary foods. Unfortunately, these carbohydrates tend to remain on your teeth even after you brush- and generally, could heighten up one’s possibility of acquiring tooth cavity. Hence, sweets are satisfying and all- but don’t you ever let this food ruin your teeth’s health!

Bacteria: Well, we can’t help it. Really! For these bacteria are considered as very helpful in the breaking down of your consumed carbs! Technically, these bacteria transform into acids right after they’ve been able to fulfill their function.

Other Medical Issues: Experiencing various medical issues, especially those that are generally related to eating- could also be the culprit behind the formation of tooth decay. For example, those that are diagnosed with bulimia have a higher risk of developing tooth decay because of their heightened act of vomiting. Also, medical issues which expose the patient to a different form of powerful radiation could also be the pointed cause of such.  

Formation of Plaque: Far from its homonym’s meaning- the plaque that we’re talking about is never a “reward” in any sort. This plaque formation serves as the predecessor culprit of the further formation of cavities in your tooth. Basically, a plaque is developed from the combination of left food particles, acids, saliva, and bacteria… that is all within your mouth.

Lacking Sufficient Saliva Production: If you are experiencing any conditions of having a “dry” mouth, then you are -unfortunately, is more vulnerable to developing tooth decay. That is because saliva is what washes off the acids- which again is what causes cavity formation, further, tooth decay. Also, if you need something to make you crave enough to produce the saliva needed- how about this and this, huh?

Fighting Off Tooth Decay!

If there are a lot of ways on how you could possibly acquire a tooth decay, there exists also a lot of ways on how you could prevent having one! Well, here at Panlasang Pinoy, we can’t just let you down… how could you enjoy life’s best offers in the form of the delicious food which could be made from these recipes, if you won’t be able to give the rightful caring that your teeth deserve? Alright, with no further ado, here goes your must-know list of oral health care!

Brush Your Teeth Regularly: We’ve already discussed how forgetting to brush your teeth could lead to tooth decay, right? Then this one should already be a common sense. In addition to this, it is much suggested for you to use a “fluoride-containing” toothpaste- especially if brushing your teeth occurs that of every after a meal. By using this type of toothpaste, you’ll be more assured that you’re getting both the cleanliness and wellness that your hardworking teeth are just rightly entitled to.

Use a Mouthwash: Rinsing your mouth is oftentimes suggested by dentists especially if you are already experiencing various kind of oral health issues. A mouthwash that of which also contains fluoride is what should be among your top choice for choosing one.

Allot Time for Visiting Your Dentist: No one could help you better than those who are professionals- for our present concern, they are your dentist. That is why be sure that you have a regular oral checkup to keep in tune with what needs to be treated or if there are certain food classifications that you should avoid.

Consume Tap Water: Although the market, whether you’ll look to left or right, is clearly offering you with various brands of drinking water- it would be very much essential that you should still drink tap waters- again, thanks to significant levels of fluoride in it! Fluoride: The-always-reason-behind, huh?

Avoid “lot” of small snacks: The best way how you could consume your food is to consume them within a regular (and definitely not short) intervals. This will help your mouth prevent the ‘extra’ production of cavity-causing acids, therefore, preventing tooth decay. Hence, if you’re always crunching and sipping something, you’re surely putting your mouth in a regular battle! No one thinks that’s right.

Choose to Eat Teeth-Friendly Foods: Although we have sweets that are putting your teeth in the highest of risks possible, there are also foods that are of course- are not into posing your any of your tooth in any possible unwanted ‘heightened’ risk. These foods are mainly identified based on their structure- if you can judge that they’re not the ones to get stuck within the in-between-tooth pits and within tooth-grooves that you have then surely- such food is a great choice!

Giving the well-deserved care for your teeth is not only a gift to them but as well as to your further eating and drinking years to come! You would surely not love it when there’s something you wanted to eat but you just can’t simply enjoy because as you’ve been given the repeated chance to take very good care of your teeth, you’ve chosen to abuse your teeth, instead! Keep in mind that all that here at Panlasang Pinoy- we just don’t want you to experience the best- but as well as, the most!

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