Warning! 10 Food You Should Not Put On the Fridge


Food that is usually used for absorbing smells of its environment is what Basil is. When stored in a fridge, that’s exactly what happens. This may be a case for some, because most people enjoy the stimulating smell of basil. Rather, put basil in a container filled with water outside of the refrigerator. There are also plenty of internet tips in how to stiffen basil.

There is no issue of storing ripe avocadoes in the fridge. Even so, cold air in the fridge halts the ripening process of avocadoes. Note that an avocado may hold up for about a week in the refrigerator after it has ripened. Correspondingly, assure that the avocadoes are not to be opened and exposed to the cold for it will turn brown quickly. Keep them whole.


It is vital that onions are stored in an area where air is free to circulate― which totally is not the fridge. Storing of onions in the fridge will make them soft and the fridge temperature may cause growing of molds. Onions should be stored the same way as potatoes. In a dark, cool place in your home. Also, do not store onions and potatoes together for it may cause each product to rot faster when put in the same place.

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People often commit this mistake―stocking potatoes in a cold place rather in a cool place. This makes a great difference. When potatoes are stored in a cold environment, the starch of the potatoes is more quickly converted to sugar, which results to shortening the lifecycle of the product. Instead, potatoes should be stored in a paper bag and the paper bag must be kept in a dim, room temperature spot in the home. This process of storage will stall the rotting of potatoes. As said above, storing of potatoes and onions is not recommended.


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